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Defected Records Launch

iWeb has launched a total website upgrade for, an independent dance label and a key event organiser on the international dance music scene.

Applying the design produced by’s Design Agency, iWeb have completely redeveloped the engine to drive the new site and introduced a host of new features and functionality to entice and entertain visitors.

The first point of call was to improve the navigation of the site. A new navigation bar across the top of the screen gives one level easy access to all areas of the site.

Next stop was to implement a new and improved Audio Player. Designed by iWeb, the embedded player is now available across the entire site. Visitors select tracks from anywhere on the site and queue them to play. If they hear a track they want to buy, a single click adds it straight into the shopping cart.

The store search is really something quite special! As the visitor types, products are automatically filtered and presented below the search box in packshot format. Not only does the visitor quickly find what they are looking for, they may also see something else they want to buy along the way.

And on top of this, they can filter results by category (e.g. singles, albums, new releases) and format (CD, digital, vinyl). The results can be viewed in the default packshot view or switched to list view if preferred. The Artists section applies the same touch type search to speedily locate the any individual artist associated with the label.

Brand new Defected TV presents all artist videos through an integrated player. Playback is on a playlist method and viewers can choose to watch videos in full screen mode.

Defected wanted to introduce a social element to the site to spread the word, build brand loyalty and encourage return visits to the site. iWeb have implemented different techniques including commenting on the Gallery, DJ Mixes and album viral players.

The gallery area is where Defected post photos from club nights hosted around the world. By adding commenting to the gallery, people can now find photos and add a few choice words if they are registered (e.g. That’s me!). Thumbnail images, when clicked, open a lightbox which can be scrolled through to see the larger picture.

A Viral player is available for every album to encourage sharing across the web. Featuring Defected branding and links back to the site, the visitor simply does a copy and paste to embed the viral player on other websites e.g. MySpace, Facebook.

Over the last couple of years Defected has dramatically increased the number of sub labels it now releases under and these are becoming ever more prolific in the dance music scene. To incorporate this rapidly developing arm of the business, iWeb have added a new section to the website for sub-labels giving access to information about artists, releases and news.

In the back office system, iWeb have implemented a new discounting facility allowing for wider and more targeted promotion. Defected are particularly impressed with this new introduction, as they have already seen a noticeable increase in sales.

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