iWeb has redesigned RareSoulMan.co.uk, recognised worldwide as the authority on rare soul collectable vinyl. In addition to offering arguably the most comprehensive stock of rare soul anywhere in the world, the site now features auction listings giving visitors the chance to discover hidden gems and win extremely rare and hard to find rare soul vinyl.

Designed in-house by iWeb, the new site has a 50’s retro style closely reflecting RareSoulMan’s business model which is predominantly 50’s and 60’s vinyl. The home page has a clear and crisp design with straight-forward navigation and features:

  • cover flow artwork to browse through all stock and auction items
  • an embedded audio player to select and queue audio clips into the playlist
  • ajax interactive elements

There are two types of Auction, each running weekly. The traditional auction listing works like eBay where registered users can place maximum bids for chosen items and the price increases as bids are placed until the auction time elapses. The other type is the Drop Down Auction, starting on a Friday and ending on Sunday, where the price drops in increments to a predefined reserve price hidden in the database. The buyer decides at which point to take the chance to click and ensure a win at the lowest possible price.

iWeb has worked with John Manship, the Rare Soul Man himself, since 2002. Over this period we have built an extremely close working relationship with the client and have developed a thorough understanding of his business enabling us to make accurate recommendations for future developments. iWeb have completed 4 total revisions of the site, integrating ever emerging web technologies to evolve the site into the fully-featured eCommerce CMS solution it is today.

Notable features on this new revision of the site are:

  • Simple, straight-forward Content Management System
  • Ajax style mini-basket
  • Payment Gateway – Sage Pay Go with Server integration
  • Back office integration to populate stock
  • Deferred payment – payment only taken once order physically checked and released
  • Multi-currency support
  • My account section including order history
  • Newsletter management system – sign up for new stock info