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The National STEM Centre Launches New Online eLibrary

The National STEM Centre is building the largest open collection of resources for teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the UK. The eLibrary launches this week with a 4-page feature in the Guardian newspaper on 6th July.

iWeb has been working with the National STEM* Centre over the last few months to develop a brand new website incorporating a comprehensive online eLibrary. This free resource is designed to make life easier for teachers, lecturers, students, publishers and employers involved with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The aim of the eLibrary is to provide excellent resources for schools and colleges to help teach and enthuse children in STEM subjects. It is widely acknowledged that the UK needs young people with good STEM qualifications to provide a skilled workforce, especially during the period of economic recovery.

Over time the STEM eLibrary will bring together thousands of high quality items together in one place including both contemporary resources and teaching materials from the last 40 years. The eLibrary can be searched by theme as well as subject, topic, publisher, child age or level and offers a great variety of materials from print to video, mixed media and animations.

The eLibrary will also develop an online community space where teachers can rate resources and share expertise. Reviews by teachers will help introduce others to new material.

The idea for the eLibrary grew out of the government’s 2006 STEM Programme report, which recommended closer collaboration between government, business and industry, academia and charitable organisations to improve the effectiveness of STEM education support.

* STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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