We have been involved in some live user testing days for the new National STEM Centre website and eLibrary in the last few weeks at University of York. The sessions comprised of 2 half days working with Teacher Associates who teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects in a variety of schools.

These days have proved absolutely invaluable to us in getting direct feedback on the site we have built from the people who will use the site the most. It was the perfect way to engage with the site users directly.

We got plenty of positive feedback, lots of “Even Better Ifs” (see above) for improvements and constructive criticism on where we can improve what we have done so far.  Being able to talk to the Teachers face to face and watch them use the eLibrary gave us much more than looking through user tracking analytics tools that we normally use.

We are aiming to implement as many of the improvements as possible before the end of the year and plan some follow up sessions in February.