Magento Imagine Awards 2019 Finalist

M55 Electric Hybrid Bike

The concept of the M55 bike is based on the hybrid drive theory, hence the electric-powered assistance is only offered during active pedaling. This is not an electric motorcycle, where you turn the throttle to bring the vehicle into motion. The M55 bike has to be pedaled – the power of the rider is augmented by the assistance of the electric motor. This in turn provides more power than what is offered by the usual kits and also offers a much greater range. In ECO drive mode, the M55 rider can reach 100-120 km with one charge – and not only in laboratory conditions! Due to the hybrid drive concept, when the battery cell is completely depleted, the bike can be used as a regular bike, since it is designed to be pedaled from A to B, just like in the case of a conventional bicycle.


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