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Improve your eCommerce Sales with Slick Photography

The main most important design aspect of any eCommerce website would be product photography. Being unable to touch, smell, taste and hold, alternatively handle the product they find interesting, the closest interaction the client could get are the images. Basically, the softer, tastier, flashier and more attractive your products look to shoppers, the more confident they’ll feel about purchasing from you and the better your conversion rate will be.

Knowing how deceivingly great product photos can look , keep in mind that your images should complement your website’s overall aesthetic and your company’s image. Here’s a few really good examples of how online retailers have incorporated best quality product photos onto their websites and focus on images of actual items, rather than models, events or landscapes.

Product images really do make or break sales, we all spend more money in well designed shops where products are laid out in beautiful lighting and with considered positioning than we do in jumble sales where products are messy and cluttered. We need to take these physical rules and apply them to the online marketplace to make our items feel irresistible to our customers.

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