As the popularity of mobile apps skyrockets, it’s not surprising that the barrier to entry for creating them is getting lower. On Android we’ve already seen Google’s own App Inventor make life easier for would-be developers. Now AppsGeyser is turning app development into something that literally anyone can do.

Let’s be clear before we start, this isn’t going to let you create the next Angry Birds or Foursquare. However, if you just want to build a really simple app based on Web content, you may well find this to be the easiest possible option.

AppsGeyser is incredibly easy. There are three options: Firstly, you can enter the URL of any mobile-formatted website and it will be wrapped up into an app. Second, you can enter the HTML for any Web widget code and get it turned straight into an app. The third option is to use a tool on the site which can ‘Grab’ chunks of Web pages to turn them into apps.