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Geckoboard: Realtime Business Status Board

Businesses live or die on their ability to react to the market in realtime. The faster you can get information, the faster you can make decisions. If you operate a Website, Chartbeat gives you a dashboard that shows you what is happening on your site right now. But what if you could add realtime data from all sorts of services into one place? Then you’d have Geckoboard, which launches publicly today.

“It’s Chartbeat for everything else,” says founder Paul Joyce, “CRM, helpdesk, sales, brand awareness . . . ” Geckoboard lets you add realtime widgets from about 20 different services, including Basecamp, Freshbooks, Get Satisfaction, GitHub, MailChimp, Googke Analytics, Highrise, Uservoice, Zendesk, and, yes, even Chartbeat. Companies can add their own data using Geckobaord’s API. It also lets you bring in Twitter and RSs feeds, and Foursquare checkins (so bosses can see which employees are in the office without actually getting up and walking around). You can aso get put a calendar, clock, and email there.

Since it uses no Flash, the dashboards can be viewed on iPads and iPhones, as well as on HDTV screens. After a 30-day free trial, Geckoboard charges between $9 and $19 per device per month, with the main difference being the speed with which the widgets update.

Geckoboard shares the same sensibility as Chartbeat’s. The two startups also share a couple of investors: Index Ventures and Dave McClure’s 500Startups. Geckoboard recently raised a $300,000 seed round. Angel investors Alexander Bruehl and Christoph Janz also participated.

Here is the full list of services it supports at launch:


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