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Geo-Tagging and Social Stalking

Geo Tagging

Geo Tagging has become an ever increasing trend with fellow smart phone users and their mobile tech, to be precise around 7 Million users share their approximate location with their friends on the ever so popular 4Square,  but to its further success Facebook at the tail end of 2010 released their version of the platform, called it Facebook Places.

Your question maybe simple, this is all well and good but how can I encompass this trend and increase foot fall or even recognition for my brand/business?  Like most social media websites, it’s easy to create a presence (for FREE) for your business whether it be a profile or a Geo Tag of your business location.  So head over to 4Square or Facebook Places and register, to start climbing your business to the top of the Geo Social Map!

To the stats now, foursquare became increasingly popular in the states and has a user up take of 60% and an international share of 40% (do the math, that’s a lot of users or potential business for you?).  The average user (you or I) checks in on an average 3-4 a day.

Social Stalking

Nearly all young adults’ share their entire lives on Facebook, including where they live, their date of birth and general banter as status updates.  An inventive and forward thinking website has utilised the freely available data from Facebook to notify you via Email if the girl you liked at High School has changed her relationship status.  We found this rather funny, stalking is no longer on the streets its hit the social media world, so while expressing your true self via Social Media websites, the guy who used to sit across the way in your Maths class at school may just be just be checking up on you and expressing an interest.

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