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Apple release iOS 4.3

So okay the guys here are going to call me an Apple Fan boy (again), but Apple are dominating the mobile device markets at the moment so this only sees fitting to present on the blog.

Well, it’s not March 11th, but you can now download iOS 4.3 for you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (most of them, anyway). That, of course, brings with it mobile hotspot functionality for iPhones, along with a variety of new AirPlay features, a new and improved version of Safari, and a number of other more minor improvements and fixes (like an option to control how your iPad’s side switch behaves). We’re already busy testing it out ourselves and will report back on what we find, but you can feel free to leave your own first impressions in the comments below in the meantime — Apple’s complete list of what’s included in the update is after the break.

This update contains new features and improvements, including the following:

Personal Hotspot

iTunes Home Sharing

New AirPlay features

HD video out using the Apple Digital AV Adapter

Ping features

New Settings

Bug fixes

For information on the security content of this update, please visit:

This update is available via iTunes.

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