UK online shoppers now have the ability to checkout their purchases from third-party retailer sites using their Amazon customer credentials. So you can forget about entering your address and card details over and over again.

What’s more: Checkout by Amazon (CBA) has been launched today. Amazon describe this influential move as ‘a drive to make it easier for its customers to buy elsewhere’.

When customers choose to conveniently checkout using Checkout by Amazon (CBA) to pay for goods, they simply click Checkout with Amazon. This opens a Amazon-branded log-in and allows the customer to pay for their order using their Amazon stored payment details. Notifications are then sent to the eCommerce retailer via Amazon Seller Central.

Amazon believe the Checkout By Amazon, CBA for short, means fewer steps for the customer to pay. iWeb like to embrace technology and methods which increase the browsing experience for the customer. We therefore believe CBA is a step forward in meeting this goal., a loyal and frequent customer of iWeb, has today launched Checkout by Amazon to provide the customer with the improved checkout experience.

Eric Broussard, general manager of Amazon Payments Europe said “We are focused on making it extraordinarily simple for Amazon customers to shop anywhere online,”

If you would like your visitors to experience a smarter and fast way of checking out by integrating with Checkout by Amazon, get in touch.