Social media is becoming a very influential tool/platform, take for instance twitter (a micro blogging website) which only started its operations in 2007 is now a household name across the world. Facebook’s operations are becoming increasingly threatening to the web pioneer. Google, the international corporation recently had taken action against Facebook, in removing Facebook’s operability and freedom to utilise data using its Android Mobile iOS Platform.

Just recently Google has modified its search algorisms to adopt the use of Social Media platforms namingly Facebook and Twitter. You will notice text/phrases posted on twitter appear within search results in minutes rather than days.

So what’s all the big fuss about?

Social media removes the formal methods of communication between you and your customers. You ask why this is a good thing? Well, it enables your customers to express their direct feelings regards your products, services or just show a personal interest in your operations, this directly increases brand awareness and customer moral.

Posting regular updates regards your products and general chatter about your industry will increase your following dramatically.

Where Do I Start?

We recommend firstly having a Twitter handle/account, secondly try and setup a Facebook page insert a few images treat it like the structural look and feel of your business make the visitor feel welcome.

Joining iWeb Social Media Style’e

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