Week two of our evolving web series. Online forms have annoyed everybody at some point – especially the ones that demand you fill it all in again because you made a slight error on the previous attempt. Wouldn’t it be more helpful if it pointed out errors while you were completing it? Well, that’s what Inline Validation does.

We help our clients get the most from their websites by monitoring page performance through the use of statistic tools such as Google Analytics. Rather than visitors completing forms and submitting to see any errors, we can now highlight any data-entry issues while the customer is completing the form.

Inline form validation

In the example above, several fields have been skipped. As soon as the customer has chosen “UK” all of the required fields are highlighted. This saves the visitor time (they don’t have to wait for pages to load) and is generally less confusing as it gives immediate feedback.

We have observed the number of seconds to complete a form drop by 50% after implementing inline validation. And that’s good for you and your customers!