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MiPow – Juice Book/Protective Case for iPad 2

The iPad Juice Book is custom designed to fit the iPad. It’s made out of genuine leather, lined with ultra suede which provides extra protection for your iPad. All the ports, holes and slots of the iPad are pre-cut in the leather case to allow easy access to these functions.

The leather case also comes with an easel stand on the back which allows you to put your iPad horizontally. The included Power Infinity (which is “Made for iPad” certified) provides 6600mA which doubles the iPad’s battery. Its rounded shape and iPad like length perfectly fits in the spine area which makes it invisible. With this power infinity, you can achieve a best typing angle by simply flipping the iPad cover to the back.

A USB cable is included to charge the Power Tube while the iPad is charging. The Power Tube is made of high quality aluminum tubing and finished with vivid and durable anodized colors through laser etching. The Power Tube can be detached from the leather case for easy carrying and charging on-the-go.

A great idea for those who need prolonged use of the iPad, I much prefer the slick look leather to Apple’s “Smart Cover” design, although this one doesn’t allow vertical positioning. A tough choice.

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