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The evolving web

By the time you’ve finished reading this, something on the web will have changed for good.

The web is constantly evolving, but when new trends and technologies emerge how do you know which are worthy of your attention?

Google search

iWeb keep up with all this so you don’t have to. We have used our experience to pick out a few new features and trends that we think you should know about.

This week it’s… Enhanced Searching

An increasing trend is for people to type the phrase they want into a search box, rather than filtering through websites by categories/links. And often they’ll get it wrong.

Search boxes are efficient, but not very bright. Up till now, keyword searches have demanded the exact phrase, along with correct spelling and punctuation in product/page names.

This is where enhanced search features come in – it’s a more forgiving way to search.

National STEM Centre advanced site search

National STEM Centre advanced site search

This search engine is so keen that it will predict responses before you’ve finished typing.

Fuzzy matching and closest matching helps to account for incorrect spelling and punctuation. Which helps if the user’s English is a bit fuzzy too.

My Memory site search alternative spellings

Alternative spellings on My Memory site search

Search filtering and refinement allows customers to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for – whether it’s by price or specific features.

So something as simple as improving the way your visitors navigate your site could pay dividends.

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