Browsers have evolved considerably since the days of Netscape Navigator and one of the best features has been the introduction of plug-in architectures. Plug-ins has enabled third parties to build a wide range of extensions which have helped web developers to do their jobs easier.

As we have had an overwhelming response from our developers here at iWeb, we have no choice but to categorise the plugins based upon their applicable use.

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Top Five Plug-ins

  • Firebug
  • ColorDropper
  • Download Status Bar
  • Tweet Deck
  • Omnibar

CSS and Styling

  • Colour Picker for firefox enables the user to find out the Hex code or colour of a element within a given page.
  • ColorZilla is another plug-in which enables the user to colour drop any colours within a web page.  Making it effortless to retrieve hex/rgb colours from any particular HTML page.
  • EyeDropper


  • PageSpeed + YSlow for Firefox gives the developer a good understanding of the page loading time and performance downfalls of their implementation/web page
  • QuickJava enables the user to disable any interactive (Javascript, Siliverlight, Adobe Flash or Java Plugins) or static element (CSS and images)  of a web page with a single click.

Networking and AJAX

  • Live HTTP headers enables the user to view raw HTTP headers for all requests, this plug-in is seen as a good extension for tracing packets.
  • FirePHP a useful Firefox plug-in which enables a PHP developer to log to the Fire Bug console using a PHP method call

Ads and Tracking Cookies

  • Adblock this ones pretty simple, it has mystical means of blocking adverts on a web page.
  • Facebook Disconnect this is a nifty little plug-in which stops the little gremlins at Facebook from tracking your browsing habits while browsing  around the World Wide Web

Sanity Check

  • HTML Validator this is a very simple plug in as the name might give it away this plug-in validates your HTML document to W3C standards

Price Checker

  • Invisible hand a chrome and Firefox plugin which is great for finding the best value or even the cheapest retailer for a product.


  • F6 enables the ability to use the F6 function key to place the cursor within the address bar when using a tabular interface within Mozilla Firefox
  • Quickrr productivity kit I know you will be surprised but this is in fact a Google Chrome plug-in! this little box of tricks has various tools; World Clock, Calender, Notepad, Tasks To-Do, Calculator, Dictionary, Translator, Search Tools, and a Stopwatch & Timer.
  • Omnibar combines the address and search bars into one unified location to search and browse.
  • Readablity removes all the clutter from a web page to make it in some terms human readable.

Good All rounders

  • Firebug is a good all round web development tool which enables developers to Inspect, Debug, Log and Analyse HTML and Javascript within web pages.
  • Web developer toolbar a simple but effective plug-in which boasts similar features to Firebug.  This plugin is most useful for disabling various browser elements (Javascript, Siliverlight, Adobe Flash or Java Plugins), clearing various client side caches, populating form elements, and validating HTML documents.

Syndication and Blogging

  • Tweetdeck This plug-in has found itself onto many desktop computers around the globe! you may or may not be surprised but this is not only a Mozilla and Chrome plug-in but is also an Adobe Air Application!  So you ask what is Adobe Air?  Adobe Air is a method of encapsulating a Web application into a Desktop application.  Since Apples intervention with the App Store the divide between native and HTML applications continues to grow wider than ever.
  • Scribefire Love to blog? Well this plug-in is for you, forget updating your ever so popular blog’s manually one by one this simple yet innovative plug-in can post to multiple blogs.
  • RSS Subscription