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BT have “intentions” of increasing Broadband reach

BT who have majority market share for telecommunications industry in the UK, has announced they have “intentions” to extend the reach of its copper broadband offerings (ADSL Max, VDSL, ADSL2+) to 80% of the United Kingdom by January 2012.

BT has already hooked up around 99 percent of UK homes and business to its ADSL Max offering of upto 8Mbps.  However Now, BT wants to migrate all customers over to the next generation (21CN) service of up to 20Mbps service.

BT missed its initial target of two million homes. In September 2009, BT (British Telecom) announced that it would expand its copper infrastructure and push for ADSL2+ (21CN) to be rolled out across the United Kingdom before 2011.  As far as we can tell this did not quite happen, take a look at these statistics;

Copper, who wants Copper! Fibre optics are the future, BT is working hard to extend its reach of its ‘super-fast fibre network’, BT Infinity, with blazing speeds of up to 40Mbps.  On 4 April, the firm installed it’s 1,000th fibre Ethernet node bringing the service to more than 4 million homes and businesses across the UK.  BT have further plans to increase the reach by a further 90 million homes and businesses before 2012.

If 20Mbps wasn’t enough, and 40Mbps still doesn’t cut it, the company is currently trialling 100Mbps speeds with a handful of very lucky customers in its ambitious Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) programme. The Bradwell Abbey exchange in Milton Keynes is one of the first to sample those soaring speeds.

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