Checkout by Amazon is a complete checkout and payments service for eCommerce retailers. Offering Checkout by Amazon enables millions of Amazon customers to use their shipping addresses and payment information from their Amazon accounts to buy on your website. Customers can complete purchases quickly and conveniently, without ever having to leave your site.

Benefits for Your Business

Reduced charge-backs – get full protection from fraud-related charge-backs for any transaction that satisfies Amazons payments protection policy.

Fully integrated checkout experience – Amazon checkout can be fully integrated into your existing checkout flow, providing your customers with a seamless checkout experience that is consistent with your brand.

Benefits for Your Customers

Fast & convenient checkout – Amazon customers can complete purchases without having to re-enter their shipping or payment information so they can stay on your website throughout the purchase experience without creating a new account.

Trusted & secure – customers can transact on your website without sharing their financial information confident in the knowledge that they have the same protection as when they shop on

Familiar – you can provide your customers a familiar checkout experience on your website.

Delivery to multiple addresses – checkout by Amazon enables your customers to deliver items in a single order to multiple addresses, a great feature for buyers shopping for presents for friends and family.

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Example Checkouts:

Standard Checkout
Standard Checkout
Inline Checkout
Inline Checkout