Last week we attended a follow up day in York with the Teacher Associates we met in February to try out new features for the National STEM Centre website.The last day provided us with invaluable feedback for improving the site and we can tell you that many of these recommendations have now been implemented.

The day allowed us to show the Associates new features, including: Advanced lists functionality and uploading media to groups within the community area. During the afternoon session we asked the Associates to test a new feature: ‘Personal storage’. Personal storage allows users to upload personal files to a storage area within their account and then organise the data in to folders. Users can then make their files public to other registered users via their public dashboard. Allowing members to share their own resources or useful documents with others to enhance the community area. This feature will be available online in the next few weeks.

We finished the day asking the Associates to critique some help videos we will be adding to the help section of the website. These videos are aimed at explaining some of the key features of the website including searching, creating lists and using RSS feeds. We were marked 6/10 on these, so room for improvement.

Once again we were very lucky to have an enthusiastic engaging group whose feedback and ideas are key to the continual improvement of the National Stem Centre site.