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Photoshop Touch a controller for PC or Mac Photoshop

Any discussion about Adobe and the iPad seems to always devolve into a Flash vs. HTML5 debate.  For today at least, Adobe’s hoping to temporarily refocus the conversation on a trio of new tools that extend desktop Photoshop functionality to the iPad via native iOS apps. First up is Adobe Eazel, an iPad drawing app that lets you create a five-fingered painting on the iPad before transferring it back over WiFi to the Photoshop application running on your Mac or PC. Adobe Nav turns the iPad into a Photoshop companion device by extending live controls and menu bars from the Photoshop workspace to the iPad’s display. Finally, there’s Adobe Color Lava which turns the iPad into a hi-tech color mixing palette. Of course, these are just the first in what Adobe hopes to be a full range of Photoshop extensions hitting app stores just as soon as devs get their talents around Adobe’s Photoshop Touch programming tools (consisting of a Photoshop scripting engine and enhanced SDK) for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS devices (available for Mac and Windows platforms today). Expect to see the Eazel, Color Lava, and Nav Photoshop Touch apps arrive next month — alongside the 5.5 update to Adobe’s Creative Suite (and free Photoshop update for CS owners) expected on May 3rd — with prices ranging from £1.50 to £3.50. Until then, why not feast your eyes on a video preview posted after the break?

source Engadget

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