Supermarket behemoth Tesco has purchased a majority share of 80 percent stake in movie-streaming website Blinkbox.

The retailer’s plan, as it ramps up towards the next generation of entertainment distribution, is to combine the purchase of physical DVDs with digital copies or the use of online services.

“We can link physical purchase of a product to the building of digital collections in a new and seamless way,” said Tesco UK CEO Richard Brasher. “Working with the Blinkbox team and our content partners, we will bring these compelling propositions to life for our customers.”

Alongside Blinkbox, Tesco has a mysterious “range of other services currently in development”, that straddle the line between physical and digital products.

The website is apparently the UK’s number one streaming site, pumping out more than 9,000 Hollywood blockbusters to two million customers a month.

You can stream brand new movies for about £2.99 a pop, and there are plenty of not so popular b-movies you’ve never heard of for free, including Snoop Dogg’s 2005 magnum opus, Boss’n Up.

source wired