A recent report has estimated the sales of the competing smartphone operating systems in the first quarter of 2011, has detailed Android to be on top.

Its market share rose from 9.6 percent in Q1 of 2010 to a 36 percent for Q1 2011, with more than 36 million devices shipped — more than triple the amount for the same time the previous year. Apple did well too, doubling shipments to rise from 15.3 percent to 16.8 percent market share.

All the other platforms performed poorly. RIM (Blackberry) was overtaken by Apple and shrunk from 19.7 percent market share to 12.9 percent. Nokia’s Symbian platform nearly halved in popularity — going from 44.2 percent marketshare to 27.4 percent. In doing so, it ceded the top spot to Android.

But the wooden spoon goes to Microsoft, whose market share collapsed from 6.8 percent a year ago to 3.6 percent this year, despite launching a new operarating system in that time — Windows Phone 7, which Gartner estimates has sold just 1.6 million units.

On the manufacturer front, Nokia, Samsung and LG all lost share but retained the gold, silver and bronze positions respectively, with Nokia still selling almost twice as many handsets as Samsung. Snapping at LG’s heels are Apple and RIM, with ZTE and HTC rising quickly past Motorola and Sony Ericsson.