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Evolving Web: Week 6 – ClickTale (interaction tracking)

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could sit and watch exactly how every customer interacts with your website? Well, you could install hidden cameras in houseplants. Or you could try ClickTale.

It’s a third party reporting service that monitors a visitor’s mouse movement, clicks and keyboard activity for the duration of their visit. It records these individually for playback and combines the data to compile reports that show drop-off points and areas of interest/concern.

Clicktale user interaction

Once installed by iWeb, it displays where your site is hot and where it’s not. Then you can identify the differences between where people click and what leaves them cold. It can also help to diagnose how easy the website is to use. If there aren’t areas of significant heat (concentrated clicks) it’s usually because the call to action is not clear.

Website heat map

We can use this valuable information to make layout changes and increase call to action responses; this may be a purchase on an eCommerce site or completing an enquiry form.

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