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Designer Houses: Manhatten Town House

Having a pool (with a swing no less) in the living room is one fantasy many of us could only dream about. But for Evelyn McMurray Van-Zeller, this fantasy has turned into a reality.

In 1995, Ms. McMurray Van-Zeller was living in Europe when she inherited the Manhattan home from her brother. “You feel like you’re on a permanent holiday,” she says. “There’s almost no reason to leave the house [with] the pool, the sauna [and] the gym.”

The 15-by-30-foot pool is eight-feet deep and was installed in 1975 by previous owners. The pool level has a brick wall and is surrounded by granite flooring and living-room furnishings. Ms. McMurray Van-Zeller said the artwork, antiques, medieval weaponry and plantings in the adjoining atrium give the space a “cave-like, medieval, Moroccan look.”

If you’re rolling in it, and absolutely need this 5,000 sq ft house it’s currently on the market for a cool $10.95 million.

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