Essential Apps for the Mac Developer

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An increasing number of the web developers at iWeb now use an Apple Mac for their development work. Between us, we have come up with this list of recommended applications.

  • Adium – Instant messaging application that allows you to connect to multiple networks.
  • CoRD – A remote desktop client that is faster and nicer to use than Microsofts Remote Desktop Connection app.
  • Cyberduck – An FTP client, but supports other protocols too.
  • Firefox – Don’t forget Firebug and any other extensions you need.
  • GitX – For git version control. Can also be used (via git-svn) for repositories which are still hosted on Subversion.
  • Google Chrome – No need to explain this really!
  • Growl – A notification tool that lets other Mac applications notify you of things.
  • Homebrew – Gives you access to a lot of useful utilities via Terminal.
  • iTerm2 – Terminal replacement supporting split windows.
  • LibreOffice – Perfectly adequate replacement for Microsoft Office.
  • NetBeans – Full IDE with php support, runs particularly well on OSX (compared to windows/linux).
  • Reggy – A regular expression tester.
  • Sequel Pro – A database management application.
  • SVN notifier widget – If you work on a SVN controlled website, this simple widget will tell you when your checkout needs updating.
  • TextWrangler – Lightweight text editor which has some nice hidden features like compare files and ‘zap gremlins’.
  • Versions – A simple subversion client. Has a very nice GUI, but lacks support for branches. This is the only app in this list that isn’t free, but it does have a free trial.

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