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Sneaky peak at Facebook’s iPad app

It appears that lurking within Facebook’s iPhone app is a secret iPad app.

TechCrunch‘s MG Siegler wrote: “Hidden in the code of Facebook’s iPhone app is the code for something else. Something everyone has been waiting over a year for. The iPad app”.

Siegler says that it is “an HTML5-rich experience” and was impressed by the navigation, pointing specifically to a left-hand side menu that can be quickly accessed either by swiping the iPad screen or pressing a dedicated button. The image upload tool didn’t work on the version he had access to, but he did have a play with the photo-viewer tool, which he describes as “similar to the iPad’s own native Photos app”.

The Places tool, which allows Facebook users to share where they are, connect with friends nearby and get local deals, has also been adapted for the iPad — and — taking advantage of the device’s screen —  offers “a nice big map to show you all your friends around you”. There’s also a chat tool — which is accessed by flipping the iPad horizontally — which brings up a list of your friends who are online.

For the time being, as  the Telegraph points out, you will have to jailbreak your iPad to see the app. But we reckon it could get a full release rather sooner than planned as a result of this discovery.

If you want more details in the meanwhile, take a look at the array of images TechCrunch grabbed.

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