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Steves Years at Apple

April 1 1971, Apple Computer is founded

July 1976, Apple Launches Its First Computer

April 17, 1977, Apple Introduces the Apple II

1984, Advertising Campaign for the First Mac Computer

September 17, 9185, Steve Jobs Resigns From Apple

March 2, 1987, The Macintosh II is Introduced

March 1990, Mac II Line Expands

1991, The Emergence of the PowerBook

1993, Apple Introduces 19 Computers

May 1995, Attack of the Clones

Dec 20 1996, Jobs Returns to Apple as Adviser

May 6 1998, Apple Unveils the iMac

July 2 1999, The Dawn of the iBook

October 23 2001, The iPod goes on sale

July 31 2004, Jobs treated for cancer

January 9 2007, The iPhone

October 14 2008, Job jokes about health concerns

January 14 2009, Jobs announces leave of absence

June 23 2009, Jobs Liver Transplant confirmed

January 27 2010, Jobs announces the iPad

May 26 2010, Apple overtakes microsoft as most valuable tech company

January 17 2011 Jobs takes medical leave again

March 2 2011, Jobs returns to introduce new iPad

August 9 2011, Apple hits corporate milestone

August 24 2011, Jobs steps down

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