An introduction to Google Website Optimiser

Before we get started lets cover the basics first, some of you may be wondering what Google Website Optmiser is and how it can add value to your Magento Store.
In a nutshell Google Website Optimiser is a free website testing an optimisation tool released by Google which allows you to increase conversion rates of your eCommerce store by determining which designs / layouts work best for your customer base.

How Website Optimiser Works

In order to use Website Optimiser you must first create separate versions of your website, for example Website A may have red coloured Buy Now buttons, whilst Website B is an exact  replica of website A however, it has Orange coloured Buy Now buttons.

Once you have your separate designs ready you will need to select which type of test you want to run. Website Optimiser currently supports a variety of testing methods such as:

Split Testing (otherwise known as A/B testing)

Where by you test two versions of a website (A and B) are pitted against each other to see which performs best

Multivariate Testing

Why by multiple versions of a website are pitted against each other to see which performs best,these could include different button sizes, changes in navigation etc.

Further Reading

So that concludes a brief introduction into Google Website Optimiser, however we recommend the following links below for further reading