Some of the UK’s top brand names are migrating to the Magento eCommerce platform. Companies like Early Learning, Harvey Nichols, Fred Perry and many more are discovering that its open-source flexibility means that Magento developers can design and implement an eCommerce web site much more quickly. It’s really no surprise when you consider Magento’s many benefits.

A community of programmers has developed Magento – making it a true open-source application. This means that most of the nuts and bolts of programming for the platform has already been taken care of. It’s already packed with features straight ‘out of the box’. In addition, a myriad of plug-ins are freely available that allow full customisation – so that web design professionals can specifically tailor every web site towards a company’s specific needs.

Magento’s intuitive interface already features powerful marketing, search engine optimisation and catalogue-management tools. This allows an eCommerce web design company like iWeb to offer fast turnarounds on projects. Magento provides the basic platform – saving on development time – and any bells and whistles can be added to individual requirements. It’s designed to be completely scalable and backed by a comprehensive support network.

This versatility translates into user-friendliness too. Rather than having a samey, stale web site that never seems to be updated, web development company clients find that they can make quick alterations any time they like. If, for example, there is a winter sale coming up, a customised store design can instantly be uploaded. On top of this, integrated software like WordPress allows full control of web site content – even get creative. And that ultimately means better presence and promotion in the eCommerce marketplace.

It’s little wonder that so many – from large retailers to niche operators – are finding that Magento offers the ultimate eCommerce solution. Anybody who’s in the business of selling online should chat to a professional web developer like iWeb. Magento’s magic could conjure up fuller shopping carts for you too.