The great thing about Magento eCommerce and WordPress in particular is they are open source platforms. There is a whole community of Magento developers out there designing new plug-in and apps – and some of them are very useful indeed. WordPress is easily the most popular platform used for blogging in eCommerce website design. So we’ve compiled a list of handy plug-ins that can take the bother out of blogging for your business.

Spam spam spam spam

Comments from readers at the bottom of your blog are useful and constructive. But eventually the spam-bots find you and soon you get nuisance ads for pharmaceuticals or ladies with an aversion to clothing. Here’s how you can filter these out:

  • Akismet looks at the content of comments and if it believes any of them might be spam, it will divert them to a queue. Then you can either manually delete them (if you want to make sure they aren’t genuine) or just let Akismet delete them automatically for you. Akismet ships with WordPress, though has to be activated first (if in doubt, check with your web design company). For small and new sites, it’s probably all you need. But as your site becomes more popular, you might need additional plug-ins to keep spam under control. And so …
  • Comment Timeout – Spammers seems to wait till the conversation has died down on older posts and then sneak in. By shutting off comments after a set time, you significantly reduce the chance of this happening. The plug-in has some useful tweaks, including the ability to leave comments on selected posts open indefinitely. You can also designate popular posts and have comments left open for a longer period of time.
  • Bad Behaviour – Your own virtual bouncer. It looks at who or what is trying to leave a comment and if it doesn’t look right, it’s not coming in. It also prevents the harvesting of e-mail addresses. This is one plug-in you need on your side.

Premier league blog management

  • WordPress DC Backup – Keeping everything backed up is essential. You know it, we know it – but we still can’t help putting the task off. This makes it easy, with full database backups that can even be emailed to you. You’ll be glad of it one day, when it all goes pear-shaped.
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade – As the name suggests, it ensures you’re always using the latest (and most secure) version. Simple, but good ideas don’t have to be complicated.
  • All In One SEO Pack – Google already likes blogs and WordPress in general. But what this one does is to add some useful tweaks to meta tags and page titles – allowing you more control over the information presented to search engines.

 Happy, smiling commenters

  •  WP Ajax Edit Comments – Seasoned blog commentators will know how it feels to leave a devastatingly witty comment, only to find you’ve also left a daft typo that ruins it. This plug-in allows for comments to be edited for a specified length of time after posting them. Blog admins can also edit, delete and mark as spam from the blog page, without needing to go into the dashboard.
  • Photo Dropper – This allows for blog posts to be illustrated with imported images from within the WordPress interface. If you’re running a commercial blog, the plug-in will look for pictures that don’t infringe on copyright by checking how they’re marked for usage.
  • ShareThis – You want you blog to be read by as many people as possible, right? This plug-in will let your users share your posts on the social media site of their choice – only without cluttering up your blog with every icon under the sun. It also offers reporting – so you can see just how your posts are being shared.
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plug-in – Okay, so it has a smartarse name, but it also has a useful function. It shows a list of links to other posts on a similar topic on your single post pages. This is useful for stories or themes that run across more than one post. It encourages readers to dig deeper into your site, highlighting older posts they might otherwise miss.

As ever, a professional web design company like iWeb are always willing to offer help and advice on getting the best out of WordPress or Magento eCommerce web site design. Just drop us a line to receive the benefit of our vast experience.