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10 essential WordPress plug-ins for better blogging

The great thing about Magento eCommerce and WordPress in particular is they are open source platforms. There is a whole community of Magento developers out there designing new plug-in and apps – and some of them are very useful indeed. WordPress is easily the most popular platform used for blogging in eCommerce website design. So we’ve compiled a list of handy plug-ins that can take the bother out of blogging for your business.

Spam spam spam spam

Comments from readers at the bottom of your blog are useful and constructive. But eventually the spam-bots find you and soon you get nuisance ads for pharmaceuticals or ladies with an aversion to clothing. Here’s how you can filter these out:

Premier league blog management

 Happy, smiling commenters

As ever, a professional web design company like iWeb are always willing to offer help and advice on getting the best out of WordPress or Magento eCommerce web site design. Just drop us a line to receive the benefit of our vast experience.

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