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Ajax add to Cart – Added To All New Magento Stores

Over the holiday period our super geeks here at iweb have been working hard to bring the latest and greatest features to all of our new Magento Stores, more about this can be read in the iWeb Custom Magento Build

Ajax Add to Cart

With the effects of the recession hitting hard on consumers disposable income, retailers are really starting to adopt the ‘every penny counts’ philosophy pushing hard on sales, up-sells and impulse buys. As eCommerce web design specialists we have been observing the subtle differences between eCommerce in-store purchases and we believe many eCommerce stores are currently getting it wrong.

Traditional Buying Process

A customer visits store and enters the browsing mode of the browser / buyer phase, whilst looking around the store the customer has the option to add several different items to their basket. Once the customer is happy with the items in their basket they will then take that basket to the checkout where they complete their purchase.

eCommerce Buying Process (as adopted by Ebuyer and Amazon)

A customer visits a stores website and begins to browse products, once they have found one they like they then add this product to the basket where they are usually then re-directed to a basket page where they have the option to checkout from or continue shopping. If the customer decides to continue shopping they are then re-directed back to the store. This process can be rather cumbersome especially when purchasing multiple products from the same website as you are constantly being re-directed to and from the basket.

A Better eCommerce Buying Process (ajax add to cart)

A customer visits a stores website and begins to browse products, once they have found one they like they then add this product to the basket where a notification will pop-up telling the customer the product has been added to the basket. From here the customer can continue shopping and only visit the basket page when they want to review their basket rather than every time they add a product. This significantly speeds up the buying process and reduces the frustration of your customers.

N.B  –  It appears that some of the major online retailers are already implementing this ajax add to cart functionality such as Currys, Asos and Harvey Nichols and we believe you should be adopting it too! therefore we have implemented this as standard in all of our new Magento stores.

Consider it our belated Christmas gift to you!


Below are some screen shots of this functionality in action

Harvey Nichols







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