Some of the world’s largest brands are using Facebook to engage with their fans and communities. Such brands include Red Bull with 22 million fans, Starbucks with 25 million fans, Coca Cola with 34 million fans, and the up and coming Vitamin Water with almost 3 million fans. Adding an extra twist to their marketing campaign, Vitamin Water recently opted to engage with their Facebook Fans to develop their black cherry and lime flavoured drink named ‘Connect’. A simple idea with a $5000 prize and co-creation between real end consumers and the product experts at Vitamin Water to design and name a product is a great example of how Facebook can be leveraged to develop a business.

As prominent as the big brands are on Facebook, smaller brands can still get in on the action with Facebook marketing. Some of our clients with only a few thousand Facebook fans are already engaging with their fans using some interesting marketing techniques:

Your Design –

  • Product Reviews – Gaining feedback on products from real end consumers.
  • Competitions & Free personalised gifts – offering incentives to fans for their interaction and engagement with their Facebook Page.
  • Photos – Showing off product images, events and customer experiences with the Your Design business.

MyMemory Photo –

  • Photo Content – Best Summer Photo Competition.
  • Questions – Answering frequently asked questions directly from customers.

 MyMemory UK –

  • Custom welcome page – Displaying a bespoke welcome page encouraging users to “Like” their Facebook Page immediately after reaching the brand on Facebook.
  • eCommerce store – Selling products directly through Facebook.
  • Polls – Asking questions, writing surveys, building customer profiles to help understand more about the target audience.

Whitewall Galleries –

  • Events – Publicly invite Facebook Fans to your business events.
  • Locations – Displaying premise locations and contact details for quick and easy access.