A Facebook Page is the public home for an organisation or entity on Facebook. Whether this be a brand, company, sports team, or public figure for example, it should be something that someone can “like”.

Examples of huge brands with Facebook Pages

Page Tabs & Apps

Facebook Pages can be tailored to deliver a user experience relevant for your target audience using custom page tabs and applications. This enables you to create an experience for your users that is unique and engaging. Each Page comes bundled with some functionality by default, such as the Wall and Info. There are also hundreds of pre-written applications available on Facebook that can be installed and re-purposed for use on your Facebook Page. Bespoke applications or tabs can also be created to meet your exact requirements when there are no applications available. It is impossible to list all possible uses for a Facebook Page, but the following points give an insight into a few of the popular methods. There are literally thousands of applications that can be added to your Facebook Page, which can be found by using the global search in Facebook directly.

1. Home / Welcome Tab

Each Facebook Page can have it’s own ‘Home’, which is essentially treated as the homepage equivalent of your Facebook Page.

  • A bespoke landing page design helps increase signups by being attention-grabbing, and also is more recognisable as it is tailored to your own brand.
  • Facebook landing pages can also have a different state depending on whether a user has “liked” your page or not. This provides the opportunity to entice users to like your page, by restricting access to certain and features, such as coupon codes that are only for Facebook users.

2. Branded Banner

Every Facebook Page is allowed one main profile picture. Most Facebook pages that you see do not take full advantage of this space, and simply upload a small logo. To help maximise potential in this area, a bespoke banner can be designed similar to skyscraper adverts that are common across the Internet. This can help re-enforce your branding, and help to boost promotions currently running in the business.

3. Wall

The Facebook Wall is a platform which enables you to post short status updates, such as news updates. When popular, these updates are fed into your fan’s news feeds, and can often have a viral effect on engaging large amounts of users.

Some examples of content used on the Wall…

  • News updates are automatically posted directly via twitter or blog to increase engagement back to the Twitter account, and the website. Tagging a small question onto the end of a status update is just one way to help entice fans to engage and interact a little more.
  • Posting links to relevant websites, ideally your own website to build traffic and targeted leads back to your site.
  • Media posts, such as videos and photos help to catch the eye and attract higher engagement levels, especially when the content has a “wow” factor.
  • Asking open ended questions which a number of pre-determined multiple choice answers in a poll, is another method to build interest and engagement levels.
  • The posting of other organisation relevant content, such as new product releases, instore events, virtual events, and conferences offers useful content, and adds more of a purpose to the page.

4. Media sharing

  • Use YouTube to showcase videos of product demonstrations, product reviews, or keynotes that you may have delivered at conferences. Showcase these by posting to fans through your Facebook wall feed, and store permanently using the Facebook Youtube app.
  • Use Flickr or other image apps to showcase photos taken at events, conferences, of products, or any other related imagery. Post a few select images and share as updates on the main wall to build engagement.
  • Publish presentations, such as insights, company statistics, or keynote presentations for your fans to see via the Slideshare Facebook App.

5. RSS / Blog Syndication

  • Use RSS Graffiti to syndicate any RSS or Atom feed content directly into your Facebook wall. Graffiti RSS periodically checks for changes and feeds new RSS items onto your wall.
  • Connect your Twitter account directly with Facebook to share your tweets with Facebook Page fans.
  • Automatically post new blog articles directly to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, using blogging software such as WordPress.

6. Customer Service & Communication

  • Use the official Facebook “reviews” app to build customer reviews about your company or products. When one of your fans posts a review, it will be published on their own wall.
  • Do you continually find yourself answering the same questions to your fans or customers? If the answer is yes, then you can use the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) App to help reduce the load on your customer service department.
  • Create a forum like community using ‘Facebook Discussions’ to engage fans and create a forum inside of your Facebook Page.
  • Contact Us – Add a Bing Map, contact form, all social media contacts, address and telephone numbers to your Facebook Page for the ultimate all-in-one contact us section.
  • Polls & Quizzes – Add polls, quizzes and games to your Facebook Page can be fun, engaging and viral.

7. Promotion, Competition, Freebies

Create bespoke sections to offer free product samples, setup promotional codes specifically for Facebook users, and run competitions.

8. Email Marketing

Install MailChimp or Constant Contact to your Facebook Page to continue to build your email marketing through this social media channel. Both the MailChimp and Constant Contact Facebook Apps allow you to collect email addresses for the purpose of email marketing. Mail Chimp and certain other email marketing providers also allow you to post newsletter campaigns directly to your Facebook Wall and Facebook Page when you send out a campaign, for that added extra bit of engagement.

9. eCommerce (or F-commerce)

It is now possible to sell your products directly through a Facebook Page, via 3rd party applications such as Zibaba. Offer fan-only discounts, create coupons, customisable look-and-feel to meet your branding, and sold through PayPal.

10. Local Businesses

  • Claim your business page to allow your customers to “check-in” when visiting your premises / business. Also, for added check-in engagement, you can setup your FourSquare PlaceWidget, which enables FourSquare users to check-in to your location.
  • Have lots of premises? Add your own store-locator to your Facebook Page to enable fans and non-fans to find your local business quicker and easier.

11. Bespoke Applications / Content Pages

Facebook offer an extremely flexible platform for custom applications to be created. In the event that what you are looking for does not exist, then it is likely that it will be possible to achieve. If you have some interesting content