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Facebook Sponsored Stories

Similar to traditional Facebook ads, Sponsored Stories build upon existing organic interactions that occur between people and your business. People are naturally interested in the things that their friends care about, which makes this advertising feature very highly targeted, and offers the same demographic and budget control flexibility that comes with standard Facebook Ads. Sponsored stories can help you to build more fans, increase brand/app/page engagement, drive traffic and increase your potential leads.

How it works

  1. Someone likes your Page, interacts with your application, or checks-in to one of your locations
  2. A story about this activity is generated on their friends’ News Feeds, which may or may not be seen.
  3. Sponsored Stories increase visibility of these stories by surfacing them on the right column of Facebook pages


Return on investment is key to any marketing campaign. Facebook provide an analytics platform named “Insights” which enables you to track your engagement and interaction levels, allowing you to report metrics on your Facebook Pages, Applications, Social Plugins, and Ads.

Build user profiles and understand your Facebook fan base using demographics such as age, gender, location and language from your Facebook metrics.

Gauge an understanding of your Facebook Page fan growth with metrics such as daily and monthly active users, daily new likes, and total likes over time.

Gain an understanding of the amount of users that are being referred via your website, by receiving metrics from integrations of Facebook Social Plugins such as the Like Button, Send Button, Comments box, and organic sharing.

Insights for Facebook Applications allows you to get an indication of the number of users on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This gives you a good idea on whether your users are simply installing the application, or whether it is building good engagement levels.

The Facebook Ads analytics provides you with metrics that allow you to assess the success of your ad or sponsored story campaign. Such metrics include clicks, impressions, click-through-rate (CTR), and cost.

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