Over the holiday period our super geeks here at iweb have been working hard to bring the latest and greatest features to all of our new Magento Stores. A summary of which can be seen below.

Facebook Open Auth Login

Allow customers to login to your store without the need to go through a laborious registration process. read more about Facebook Open auth login

Ajax add to Cart

Allow customers to shop quicker and increase your basket values by improving the online shopping experience. read more about Ajax add to Cart functionality 

Optimized Product Views

Increase your conversion rates with optimized product views focused on usability (write up coming soon).

Blistering Speed

Reduce the time customers spend waiting for your site to load (write up coming soon).

Mobile Skin

Optimized site taking into account smaller screen sizes (write up coming soon).

Social Links as Standard

All your Facebook, Twitter and Google plus buttons as standard (write up coming soon).