Over the holiday period our super geeks here at iweb have been working hard to bring the latest and greatest features to all of our new Magento Stores, more about this can be read in the iWeb Custom Magento Build

Facebook OAuth Login

One of the most laborious processes when it comes to shopping online is having to create an account when you wish to checkout. As eCommerce web development  specialists, we understand that the practice of making customers create accounts before checking out is rather archaic and could significantly impact your stores conversion rates. However do not fear help is at hand, all of our new Magento stores come with the option to login using your existing Facebook account.

We strongly believe this feature to be common place in 2012 with major websites such as JibJab and Grooveshark already adopting this functionality.

Alternatively if customers do not have a Facebook account (or do not wish to provide it). They can still checkout as a guest without needing to register or login.

N.B Checking out as a guest will not provide access to the rich array of member benefits such as the ability to create a wishlist, view past orders  and review products.

Below you will find some screen shots of existing websites that offer this functionality