Facebook’s meta tags, or more commonly known as the Open Graph, offers a way to optimise your website, and leverage your existing data in a way that allows for a more enhanced social connection between you and your users.

Who can it benefit?

The Open Graph is designed for web pages that represent profiles of real world things – such as products, songs, books, films, games; but can also be used for articles such as news items and blog posts. This means that the majority of websites can benefit from the use of the Open Graph, including:

  • eCommerce websites selling any products – such as books, games, music, movies, etc.
  • Websites that publish news articles or blog posts.
  • Business directory or business improvement district websites

Why use the Open Graph?

  • It offers your users the opportunity to like more of your pages, news articles, blog posts, or products. Each of your web pages that are created as an Open Graph object will appear in the ‘Activities and Interests’ section of a user’s profile when they like your page.
  • A more enhanced set of data available through the Facebook search results.