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What Are The Common Pitfalls In Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing requires investment, and your strategy should reflect this. Too many companies feel that setting up a Facebook Page or Twitter profile means that they are “social”. Be careful of the common pitfalls of social media marketing:

1. Do not ignore your friends, fans or followers

Customer service no longer stops at answering telephone calls and emails. Your users are more commonly looking at social media as a way of interacting with companies to make enquiries. If they ask you questions, then respond. If they tweet you and are looking for assistance, then respond. If someone posts on your wall, then “like” it.

2. Do not ignore your profile

It’s not uncommon to see an organisation setup a Facebook Page, Twitter profile, or any other social media channel, and leave it in a stagnant state. Setting up a profile is the first big step, but the value really is driven by the content, communication and engagement. As you receive posts you need to moderate, respond and engage immediately.

3. Encourage everyone to participate

Restricting the control of your social media channels means restricting the amount of valuable content, news, discussion and engagement. Apply a common-sense attitude, and allowing interaction from different parts of your business can build a richer social experience for your users. Just bear in mind that social media channels are one of your public faces, so interactions should be made in a professional manner.

4. Do not give up

Social media marketing will not happen overnight – engagement will build over weeks and more likely months. It’s unlikely that you would give up on SEO, PPC, or other marketing channels without giving it a solid effort, so do not give up on social media.

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