The most important pages of all on any eCommerce web site are the product pages. After all, they display the goods that visitors have come for. But how do you turn more of those visitors into buyers? As a professional web design company, iWeb will show you how and tell you where you might be going wrong.

So here are a few tips and tricks to help you convert site traffic into conversions:

1. Show them the quality

When you visit a high street store, you expect to be able to examine the goods in detail. So it’s no good having tiny little low-resolution images of your products. Image quality is king when it comes to eCommerce web sites. It pays to invest in quality images of your own products. And don’t just use the same stock shots as everybody else on the web. Try a Google image search of any product and many of the results will feature the same shot. The one that looks different will be the one people click on.

2. Show them from every angle

Customers want to see the front, back and sides, rotations – every view they can so that they can see exactly what they’re buying. Remember, the sale is in the details. This approach also means fewer returns as misunderstandings are kept to a minimum. If you’re selling expensive goods, alternate views are a must. Anything that will reassure your customers will mean better sales through increased confidence.

3. Show them up close

The ability to zoom in and see that exquisite detail is becoming increasingly popular. So if you have products that look even more impressive the closer you get to them, insist that your eCommerce website design company provides an esssential zoom function.

4. Show them what others have said

Of course, your customers want to know that the product that they’re interested in has had 5-star reviews – they want the best. But don’t be afraid of including negative reviews too. Different opinions all add to the authenticity of the shopping experience.

After all, if everybody says nice things exclusively, people will begin to smell a rat. A professional web design company like iWeb can include a versatile review function in your shopping cart.

5. Show them how it compares

If there are two or more similar products, a side-by-side comparison facility helps with the buying decision. Consumers typically shop for items with near-matching features and this allows them to do so without navigating to another page.

Many eCommerce web site shopping carts are starting to incorporate this feature into their platforms. It’s all about building confidence.

6. Show them how it works

It’s the same principle as selling gadgets from the back of a truck. Demonstrate to your customers how their life won’t be complete without your product. It could be through a video, an animated diagram or just a series of still shots. Dazzle them with detail and they’ll be inspired to buy. Many eCommerce web sites offering a wide array of varying products use this tactic.

7. Show how it looks on a person

Obviously, we’re talking about clothes, hats, spectacles, sunglasses, etc. It captures their imagination more if they can see a model looking good in the item, rather than it being presented alone on a white background.

After all, when was the last time you saw a fashion magazine display clothes on hangers?

8. Show it to their friends

According to Google Analytics – the facility that shows how customers behave on eCommerce web sites via statistics – an amazing number of people hit an ’email a friend’ button if one is there. That’s because people who are excited by something they’ve found immediately want to tell friends of their discovery. So be sure to ask a professional web developer to include this feature to help spread the word. And in a similar vein …

9. Show them how to share

No eCommerce web page is complete without a series of little buttons that link to the big social networks – Facebook, Twitter, etc. If your customer clicks on one of those buttons, your product or service is instantly shared to all your customer’s friends.

And that’s great marketing. Individual buttons for each network are always better, rather than a multi-purpose one. Every thumbs up means eCommerce profits up too.

10. Show them a place to chat

Live chat can be very important to an eCommerce site. Customer questions can be answered immediately. It also adds to the feeling that they’re not alone and help is always available with some of the trickier decisions or queries – especially with complicated product ranges. There are many live help platforms in the marketplace to choose from. Ask a web design company like iWeb to recommend one that’s perfect for your business.