How the new iPad 3 can put your business in touch with more shoppers

The launch of any new Apple product is always led by a media fanfare. But the third iteration of the popular iPad could mean big things for e-commerce. Online retailers should be aware of how important mobile commerce is to stay competitive. If you haven’t made the transition to a mobile eCommerce website, you should talk to a web development company like iWeb today.

The new iPad is the third generation of Apple iPad tablets and it’s much faster, offers Wi-Fi plus 4G connects and the graphics quality and resolution of the device has been greatly improved. And the reason it’s important to eCommerce is that it will put a device that makes online shopping easy in more hands. It also means a ‘trickle down’ effect as previous iPad versions are passed on and made available to more people – expanding the potential eCommerce shopping audience.

Recent surveys point to an overwhelming 77 percent of consumers indicating that they use either a tablet or a smartphone to shop online. And the Apple has the biggest market share of all with the iPad and iPhone series. As these devices become integral to the everyday browsing habits of more people, so does the promise of better business for your e-commerce website.

Sat in the sofa in front of the TV or with a magazine, the iPad makes relaxed browsing much easier – leading to a greater potential for impulse buys. With expert eCommerce website design, an add-to-cart button is only seconds away with a few touches on an iPad – which is typically always within an arm’s reach.

This is why all ‘e-tailers’ should ensure their online catalogue is in an iPad translation (i.e. an iPad app). People will browse your products in the same way they used to peruse old paper catalogues – only now the choice is endless and the buying mechanic can be almost instantaneous.

Whilst smartphones give shoppers a buying experience, an iPad provides a shopping experience. If you want customers to stay on your site to browse and shop, you have to provide an excellent user experience for the growing number of iPad users. In short, your site has to look great on an iPad. That’s where a professional web design company can help.

If your eCommerce web site isn’t optimised for iPad shoppers, have a word with iWeb today. We have the experience and expertise to put your products in front of a bigger audience. And the longer you delay, the more you could be missing out on an iPad eCommerce revolution.