Over the past few weeks we have been busy benchmarking the beta releases and the release candidates optimising our iWeb plugins to the latest release standards and last night, Magento Community 1.7 was released, here at iWeb we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.

New Features

Magento Community 1.7 brings new features to the storefront that are in place with current market trends

With the new EU cookie restriction coming into force over next few weeks, Magento Community 1.7 delivers an integrated solution that simplifies the compliance process. Once enabled, a message at the top of the storefront informs site visitors about the cookie policy and prompts them to accept or decline.

Key trends in the eCommerce market are those shoppers who shop from mobile platforms. Magento Community 1.7 has optimised their development on mobile eCommerce and using the latest web technologies, Magento Community 1.7 release a new HTML5 Mobile Theme that is cross device compatible offering a feature rich experience within the core build.

  • Device-specific media capabilities for audio and video
  • User-friendly search and results display
  • Clean display of product detail pages
  • Pinch, multi-touch and scaling images
  • Easy swipe between product images
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Cross-sell and up-sell capabilities
  • Drag-and-drop of products to the shopping cart

A key feature for our development team is knowing that all the work we do is not lost or corrupted and if the worst happens we know we can roll back to a stable release.

Here at iWeb we see the importance of version control and managing content. A key factor that can be missed is version control of data in Magento without the need to continually take database dumps from the server, especially when testing, delivering plugins or writing custom code.

Magento Community 1.7 has made this process simpler and Backup and rollback feature which can provide a simpler working environment while developing and optimising a Magento store

Three types of backup are supported:

  • System Backup
  • Database Backup
  • Database and Media Backup

These back up options will be explored in greater detail and reviewed over the coming weeks by a develpment team.