How Quality Content Will Get You Noticed With Google Author Rank

You don’t have to be Stephen King to be rewarded for writing what people enjoy reading. Include quality content on your web site and you might find yourself topping the search engine results, thanks to new Google Author Rank. And because it’s still early days, it’s your chance to get in on the ground floor and steal a march on your competitors.

The idea is that content creators will be highlighted in search results. With Author Rank, Google wants to make it easier for users to find the work of specific writers, and use it as an element for ranking pages and sites. If your content consistently attracts users and you establish a reputation, you’ll be rewarded in search engine results.

How Author Rank Works

The first thing you need to do is create a Google Plus account (if you haven’t already). It includes an ‘author markup’ feature in the profile options. You can use it to link your content and create an author for your eCommerce web site. Then through social media sharing, you can get links and +1s to your content. The more you pick up, the more your reputation grows.

Also, if your content appears on third party web pages, you can use author markup to link back to your own site – increasing traffic and potential customers.

There are three guidelines to follow:

  • Write good quality content on your site and on third party sites that people want to share
  • Allow Google Plus users to share and validate content on your site by installing the +1 button on your eCommerce web site design
  • Use author markup (rel=”me” and rel=”author”) wherever you link content and your author page to your Google Plus profile. See Google’s instructions for further assistance or speak to iWeb.

Author Rank and Search Engine Results

Whenever someone who has made use of the authorship markup feature publishes content, the result will be accompanied by a thumbnail and link through to their Google Plus profile in search engine results. This happens regardless of the author being within that user’s social circle or not. So it’s a great way for your web site to get noticed.

Ensure you upload a photo and verify the email address you’ll be associating with your content. Then add any blogs for which you’ve written to the “Contributor To” section of the “About” page. Google should do the rest.

Google Author Rank allows you to become involved in social circles outside of your own. The smarter site owner will use it take gain entry to target niches and become regarded as a sage and trusted expert in that field.

All this will be tracked by Google and used to calculate your author reputation, which in turn is used in their ranking algorithms. The better your reputation, the higher you’ll appear above your competitors in search engine results.

So search Engine Optimisation is no longer about hammering home keywords as often as possible – it now relies on quality content. All you need to do is be better and more interesting than the rest.

If you’d like to know more about Google Author Rank, you can always talk to a professional web developer like iWeb. We have many years of experience in eCommerce web site design and can give your business the advantage.