This coming Friday all website owners will be forced to comply with the new EU cookie law directive. Failure to do so can result in a maximum penalty of £500,000.

The new ruling requires you to clearly display your use of cookies on your website and in specific cases ask users to consent or opt in to the use of cookies on your site. The opt in particularly effects eCommerce websites where you use features such as recently viewed items or where you use Google Adwords for advertising and re-marketing. In these cases the directive states you will need to add an opt in facility on pages where these features are used.

However the law is difficult to interpret and there is no definitive stance on the directive. There is also much debate about enforcing penalties for non-compliance. The opt in scenario would no doubt be confusing to many users and opting out means features within the site would not work.

We have taken the view that clearly linking to your Cookie policy in the header or footer will be a suitable solution. You may already have this information in your terms and conditions or privacy policy.

Further reading:

You can find more information on this directive at the ICO website

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how this new directive could effect you and the changes we can make to your site.