A Content Management System keeps your site fresh and up to date

For some online businesses, a static web site is never going to be enough. And having to seek the help of a professional web developer every time you want to make a change isn’t ideal. This is where a Content Management System (CMS) can help. It allows you back office access to the essentials, without requiring too much technical knowledge from users. Now iWeb Control is here to offer a specialist service for those who want to be more hands-on with their web site.

Do you need a CMS? You can begin by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you need to update your web site’s content more than once a month?
  • Are you planning a regular blog?
  • Will people with minimal web design skills be updating the site’s content?
  • Would you like to manage your site from a remote location away from the office?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, you need iWeb Control. From a fairly regular blog update to constantly changing stock inventories, galleries and other dynamic content, we can offer a solution to suit your business.

iWeb Control is based on the highly popular WordPress – a trusted open source platform that’s already being used by over 72 million web sites throughout the world. It features a clean and uncomplicated interface that’s friendly even to a web novice. At iWeb, our skilled eCommerce web design team put the basic structure in place – leaving you to alter the content in any way and as often as you wish. You only need come back to us for major changes to the design.

What’s more changes you make to content will be picked-up and recognised by search engines via built-in SEO optimisation – improving your visibility on the web. Integration with social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – is easy too and essential if you want your content shared to grow your market.

Any web site that has rich media content can benefit from iWeb Control – from online corporate brochures to dynamic and ever-changing merchandising operations. To find out what we can do for your eCommerce enterprise, why not contact us today? We’ll offer the freedom and flexibility that will make your online business grow faster.

Feature list

  • SEO optimised
    • Clean permalinks
    • Canonical URLs
    • Title and meta description editor
    • XML sitemap – We ping Yahoo! and Bing when sitemap is updated
    • Built in Google Analytics, just enter the web property ID
  • Ping services – we notify Ping-O-Matic when posts/pages are created/updated
  • Beautiful galleries
  • Multisite
  • Social integration
    • Open Graph tags – great for Facebook
    • Easily switch between Facebook Comments and our multilevel, nested WordPress comments
    • Facebook/Google+ and Twitter widgets by default
  • Form builder – quickly create surveys/contact forms/vacancy application forms
  • Blog
    • List view
    • Visual view
    • Random post widget
    • Featured images
      • Featured videos on blog listing pages
    • Numbered pagination
  • RSS feed enhancement – featured image included with content
  • Default content – basic page already in place
  • Built in banner manager
    • Manage banners
    • Display adverts in the sidebar with included widget (specify the banner or pick a random banner)
  • WordPress admin improvements – cleaned up interface
    • less clutter on listing views and dashboard
    • Pretty post type icons
    • Lots of minor tweaks
      • System emails are sent by Site Name mailto:admin@email.com
      • Images inserted into the editor are not linked by default to the attachment page (99.999% of the time this was not the clients intention)
  • Better WordPress search with Relevanssi plugin. Search includes taxonomies/custom post meta
  • From a technical perspective
    • Clean organised codebase – theme and site functionality are kept separate
    • iWeb Core Functionality
      • our WordPress framework helps us setup post types, taxonomies, meta boxes, widgets and shortcodes
      • keeps site functionality separate from the theme

Visit www.iwebcontrol.co.uk for more information on our rich Content Management solutions.