Magento Imagine Awards 2019 Finalist

iWeb takes gold for incredibly speedy Magento performance

In a few weeks, there’ll be several speed records broken at the London Olympics. But Team iWeb has already achieved a personal best.

Our highly trained and motivated eCommerce web developers have designed, built and implemented an eCommerce web site for classical music specialist, MDT that out-performs some of the biggest names in retail on the web.

In GTmetrix performance tests, the Magento-based MDT site achieved a 95% A-rating. That’s faster than similar eCommerce web sites for huge names like Harvey Nichols, Mothercare and The North Face – to name but a few. In fact, the figures are in and it’s officially one of the top performers in the UK. Just take a look:

With the data load shared by two optimised servers, iWeb employed several techniques to ensure MDT’s transactions and browsing were always as quick as they could possibly be. These included custom server caching techniques – such as NGINX, Varnish and Memcache – full-page caching and the avoidance of dynamic content caching by it being loaded via AJAX.

This achievement puts iWeb amongst the frontrunners in eCommerce web site design. But like all great competitors, we won’t be resting on our laurels. We’re constantly striving to be faster and even better. If you’d like your business to benefit from iWeb’s top performing eCommerce web development, why not get in touch? It could be your business that takes the gold next.

More information on iWeb Magento performance optimised websites.

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