Belazu are providers of gourmet Mediterranean and North African food that’s available in the premium sections of the better supermarkets. Now they’ve also proven to be connoisseurs of high quality web site design – because iWeb has freshly prepared an eCommerce web solution to precisely suit the needs of their business.

The new Belazu site has two main aims: to sell products directly to customers and to encourage an online community. To do this makes extensive use of two open source platforms – Magento for eCommerce and WordPress for blogging and social functions.

Owned by eBay, Magento has been designed as a response to the emerging needs of today’s online merchants. As it is open source, most of the expensive web development process has already been carried out by a huge global network of developers – which means lower costs to our clients.

The skilled team at iWeb used Magento to offer customers multiple images of the food products they were buying, along with a zoom function. As Belazu is very much aimed at a discerning market that takes food seriously, we included the ability for customers to add product reviews or share recipe ideas. Also, to help plan future product ranges, they can create a wish list. The actual buying process for the food is via a smooth, fast checkout using all the most convenient payment options.

The second function of the new Belazu site is to create a community for premium food enthusiasts and iWeb achieved this using the highly popular WordPress platform. It includes a recipes section using the featured products as well as a pin board style blog for interesting articles – like chef’s secrets and recommended cook books or restaurants.

The new Belazu web site achieves all it set out to do – not just selling products but encouraging growth through engaging with its users too. The company is delighted with the end result. So if you’re planning a new eCommerce web site for your business, this could be food for thought.