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iWeb pushes all the right buttons for electronic music magazine

Electronic music was once the preserve of laboratory-based boffins and Germans with ironic self-awareness. But with the advent of sophisticated audio production software packages, more and more musicians – from beginners to seasoned producers – are becoming involved in the world of oscillators, filters and modulation. It’s now a thriving, vibrant scene that’s cool to be part of – and that’s where Attack magazine comes in.

Attack magazine needed a new web site that would cater to an intelligent electronic music-making audience. It needed to be irreverent and funny, as well as informative – with a mix of news, reviews, techniques, features, tutorials and comment. As iWeb Solutions has extensive experience in web site design and plenty of professional musical clients already, we were the natural choice to create it.

The design provided for Attack magazine has just the right balance of immersive content, quick, intuitive navigation and streamlined social media interplay. Featuring a WordPress-style back end, it offers easy accessibility so that magazine editors can add content – text and images, sounds, etc. – without getting too involved in the nuts and bolts.

The Attack magazine format required embedded video players, as well as a mix of screengrabs, audio and text to enable walkthrough-type features on the latest studio gear or technique. With such a creative audience, the ability to add streaming audio platforms and Youtube video was also a must. Full social media integration with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc. was also essential so that the results could reach a wider audience.

The readership is opinionated and aware too – so the ability to comment on articles directly was added. And in keeping with the current trends in eCommerce web site design, the design needed to be optimised for mobile browsing too.

Needless to say, iWeb delivered all this and more. Attack magazine was delighted with the results – and this is a client that appreciates true creativity. So whilst iWeb may not know a comb filter from a hairbrush, we remain the experts in web site design. If you have a specific project that you’d like to discuss with us, contact us today.

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