Home Colours do exactly what their name suggests – brighten up your home with colourful, matching homewares and interior accessories. The company sources products from around the globe – seeking out the most inspirational designs. That’s probably why they came to iWeb for inspired eCommerce web design.

Our skilled team were able to adapt the versatile Magento platform so that already eye-catching products leapt off the page. Owned by eBay, Magento has been designed as a response to the emerging needs of today’s online merchants.  As it is open source, most of the expensive web development process has already been carried out by a huge global network of developers – which means lower costs to our clients.

The Magento eCommerce solution delivered by iWeb for Home Colours included data integration. This meant their huge range of varied products could be synced with stock levels – allowing easy inventory management. The Magento conversion also has optimised pages that ensure more passing traffic becomes paying customers. On top of that, seamless integration with social media networks like Facebook allows customers to share their purchases with friends – encouraging word-of-mouth marketing.

Magento also efficiently handles the mechanisms for browsing, selecting and making payment – with eBay integration and express Paypal checkout all available.

Home Colours describe themselves as “creative, contemporary, colourful”. Thanks to iWeb, they now have an eCommerce web design that also complements that brand identity, whilst enhancing their business too. If you’d like iWeb to transform your eCommerce offering, why not give us a call today?