When digital samplers were first invented in the late 70s, the height of sophistication was to play ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ on a keyboard using a sample of a sheep. Thankfully, things have progressed since then and the modern musician and producer demands more creative sound samples to enrich their latest masterpiece. In fact, they’re willing to pay for high quality samples – and this is where Sample Magic comes in. The 6 year-old company has a reputation for providing the finest and most useful material for computer musicians to incorporate into their work. And iWeb has helped Sample Magic grow further by developing an eCommerce web design that will sell samples, books, apps and synthesiser patches to its demanding audience.

The new Sample Magic site makes extensive use of the iWeb Harmony platform that’s been designed specifically for music professionals – namely labels, artists and producers that need a cost-effective online sales solution. With a professional finish and enhanced features, the store is designed to attract potential buyers with fast navigation, minimum clicks and an easy checkout process.

Sample Magic’s extensive library has been refined into easily searchable categories by theme or genre (if you don’t know a Deep House from a semi-detached house, you can bet the users will). Then when customers have found what sounds like the ideal sample or collection, they can easily audition it by using the inbuilt HTML5 audio player. If it fits the bill, the purchase can be downloaded directly via secure checkout. Eventually, you’ll hear it pumping out of the speakers of a club near you.

The eCommerce web site solution provided by iWeb includes full back office integration to allow Sample Magic to update content and manage orders. Now the company is set to be an even bigger noise in the music community.

If you’re in the music industry, in whatever capacity, iWeb Harmony can improve the way you do business too. And let’s face it, you need to make money. So why not talk to iWeb for a free sample of what we could do for you?