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No prizes for knowing why Nobel has chosen iWeb

An event to attract some of the world’s greatest thinkers has looked to iWeb for inspiration. The Nobel Week Dialogue is being held in Stockholm this December as a preview to the famous Nobel Prize ceremony and needed a web site where the event could be publicised. The aim is to bring together a select group of the world’s leading scientists, policy-makers and thinkers for a series of thought-provoking encounters.

Whilst the iWeb team may not be the experts on scientific advances, we do know something about intelligent web design. We developed a web site for our client, Nobel Media AB that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the WordPress open source platform, whilst conforming to their brand guidelines.

For the first phase of the Nobel site, iWeb was briefed to introduce the event and encourage users to register their interest, ‘save the date’ and then keep them informed with regular updates as the big day arrives. To add to the sense of anticipation, we also added a countdown clock.

Needless to say, we included information about the event, venue, participants, FAQs and a site search facility. As the WordPress site includes full content management, our client, Nobel Media can update the content as often as they wish.

Having hopefully attracted the attention of the world’s finest minds, the next stage will be to allow them to sign up and attend the Nobel Week Dialogue, during which they can mingle with their peers and enjoy stimulating guest speakers. So it just goes to show that we’re just at home working with intellectuals as well as producing effective eCommerce web sites. When it comes to extensive web design expertise, iWeb is always the intelligent choice for any business.

View the website here:

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